happy birthday darling.

so this past saturday was my 23rd birthday and it was quite an interesting one.
of course the best part was spending time with the millions of people i care about that have contributed to many walks of my life.

my family.

me and the man.

(me: i got a great deal on a black halter forever21 dress $15.00!, forever21 peacock feather earrings and ChristianLouboutin very prive patent pumps)
(my brothers lady: forever21 dress; my brother: custom dress shirt & pants)
(my man: express head to toe and aldo dress shoes)

then the next best part of course was the fabulous fashion and gifts.
i’ll include pictures of gifts in the next post but some of the highlights are:

– LV neverfull tote medium (yes the man pulls through again and spoils me as always)
– beautiful duvet cover/and comforter
– the softest sheets ever known to man
– essie winter collection (courtesy of clandestinecraves)
– lots of jewelry and pretty clothes
– and a day at the spa **super excited about this one knowing that I need it so badly (from my brother and his gf)

my favorite however would have to be my green cake that the bfriend slaved over– as he has never baked a day in his life I would have to say this was the most precious gift i’ve received from him and beat anything that he’s ever paid for.

my hand made hand decorated green on the inside green on the outside cake!

so happy birthday darling to me.


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