DIY: Valentine

Happy Belated Valentines Day ❤

This year to my surprise–the mister gave me my card before I could give him one.
As a kid–and even now, I loved arts and crafts, and considering I haven’t done anything artistic in such as long time, I decided to be cute and creative this year  while visiting my inner child to make a handmade Valentine’s Day card for the mister.
It was very inexpensive considering I used to scrapbook as a hobby and I had some stuff laying around in my  apartment.
But even if you don’t have fancy scrapbook stuff laying around a handmade Valentine is easy, cheap and a very thoughtful gift.
I was always a card person growing up–my parents always said that a sentiment expressed with a card was worth more than anyt gift that could be bought.
So after a failed attempt to take a nap (because my upstair neighbor was bumpin his music, his subwoofer, and his voice–all which were clearly audible) I started digging around my room for my scraps and goodies.
Here’s what I started with:

things i managed to scrounge up

From here I definitely knew I couldn’t use everything so I had to pick and choose what I wanted and here’s where I ended up: (Tools)- scissors, hot glue gun, my trusted Exacto blade// (Goodies)- pre-cut black cards and velum envelope, gold sticky letters, VDay scrapbook paper, red cardstock, random love and friendship word stickers

items for my DIY VDay card

I went to work and here is a snapshot of my how I started my VDay card:

front of card with no embellishment

It is totally up to your creative mind to create and write what your heart desires to your special Valentine.
And voila my finished product!

the very very front

top flap: stick figs of mister and me plus bf/gf definition stickers!

bottom flap: with some random stuff and this years date

main section with my love letter (for mister's eyes only): puffies courtesy of Photoshop.

full shot of finished product! so proud.

There you have it.
There’s not much to it and honestly it’s all up to what you have around your house and what your creative side decides to do.
Even if you only have some crayons, you could definitely fashion something wonderful from absolutely nothing.
But I just thought I’d post this fun activity that I spent an hour or so on to encourage you to do the same the next time you think about buying a card for someone on a special occasion.
Show them how much more you care by creating something from scratch.

Until next time,


One Comment to “DIY: Valentine”

  1. super cute! i’m sure he lurved it!!

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