i shop at the same store as my mom.

Have you ever: gone shopping as a little girl with your mom and followed her into what you thought were “lady” stores?
I know I definitely did when I was growing up….I felt like my mom had to drag me or bribe me to go into stores like Talbots or Ann Taylor (her favorite store to date) ALL the time. I would follow my mom around the store bored out of my mind and then trail after her into the dressing room and sit on the floor and tell her she looked pretty.
Now I have to admit–I still dread going into Talbots and some other stores; but lately–I have found myself rummaging through the sale racks at Ann Taylor and have come to find things that I thought were cute. **Gasp** My mom doesn’t have to bribe me anymore to accompany her to Ann Taylor–instead, we try on clothes together in the same dressing room. And the best part is, mom gets so excited that we shop at the same store, she offers to buy me what I end up liking.
So this last time I went with my mom to the mall, I picked up two cute sweaters; and recently had the opportunity to wear one to a casual dinner with some friends.  I have to say–the sweater=cute, the quality of the sweater=excellent, and the price=awesome.
And as a side note– my nude wedges finally came in so I threw together a really simple but classic outfit for this dinner.


love classic.

Ann Taylor Cardigan, Nordstrom Plain White V-Neck, Marc by Marc Jacobs Jeans, Lulus GoMax Nude Wedges, Louis Vuitton Never Full Tote (Medium), ThingsRemembered Monogram Bracelet

Because we were in a rush to make dinner on time, I had one shot to get this picture right. So I will definitely post more pictures later of the other items 🙂

Look out for my next post–Goodwill Hunting (Thrift Store Edition).



3 Comments to “i shop at the same store as my mom.”

  1. yaaay first outfit post! hahaha WSG doesn’t know what he’s gotten himself into. you look fabulous my dear and i am loving the invisible platform on those shoes! :]

  2. Hah! I am thrilled that this happened to you – it recently happened to me, but I am getting OLD, so it’s not as surprising! You made me feel young again! Well, sort of … Okay, off to Talbot’s. 😉

  3. man, i still can not stand to go to talbots. my mother has ruined that store for me and now i forbid her to go there when we shop. hahaha.

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