luck of the Irish.

Also known as Saint Patrick’s Day apparently…..
I really don’t need this holiday to celebrate my favorite color….some of you know that I celebrate this color everyday in almost a compulsive manner (hence the name mg).

Either way, in honor of this day I decided to put together a list of a few things (green of course) that I could only get my hands on through the “luck of the Irish”–meaning it might cost me a pot of gold to get my hands on these things. But it never hurts to chase the rainbow….or the leprechaun–whichever gets me to the gold!

mischievous green

1. Proenza Schouler PS1 Mini Crossbody Pouch- $1,225.00
2. Paula Ke Wedges- $800.00
3. Giuseppe Zanotti Design Suede Wedges- $Price Unknown.but I’m sure cost an arm and leg
4. Tiffany & Co. Archival Gemstone and Enamel Earrings- $17,000.00
5. Pierre Hardy Pailette Wedges- $So Expensive.You have to request the price
6. Jimmy Choo Cork Heels- $825.00
7. Cole Haan Air Tali Flat Thong- $128.00 (I feel a splurge coming on….)
8. Mila Kunis’ Vera Wang Gown (Golden Globes 2011)
9.  Libertine for Target Striped Tunic- $24.99 (I’m currently looking for this in xs in stores so I can snag one for the summer--I must have at least one thing from this list you know?)
**As a side note– Target released their “best of designer collabs” on March 13th by re-releasing their best selling designer collaborated dresses as a line of its own and some of them are definitely worth looking into!

Anyways, I used this day as an excuse to yet again display my obsession for green and fashion. Self-explanatory.
GREEN is in–so enjoy,
xoxo mg.


2 Comments to “luck of the Irish.”

  1. The target by us has a lot of the libertine dresses! Dunno if there’s an xs but you can check! Lol I checked out the collection last night. They didn’t have the proenza schouler dress I liked! 😦 have you checked out the thakoon green colorblock dress? Looks better in person. But warning: most of them look like crap you’d never take a second look at in person.

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