Hair Review

So recently I’ve been catching up with a lot of important people in my life, and had lunch with a dear friend from middle school.
She was telling me about the Aveda Institute of Atlanta–and how their students do hair for a pretty decent price, so I booked an appointment to try something new with my hair since it’s always been straight and short.

The booking was pretty easy–just call and make an appointment and tell them what kind of hair you have and what kind of style you want. They will pair you up with a current student and you go from there.

I decided on a texture wave–which is a fancy for perm.
Things did not get off to a good start–the student immediately admitted to me that she had only permed hair on a mannequin and that I was her first real perm. Secondly–it took her about 10 tries to roll the first strand of hair. All in all it took about three and a half hours to perm my not-so-long hair (I was expecting it to take a little less time). My goal was to get hair that looked like I had run a curling iron through it every morning without actually having to style it each morning with the iron.

Rolled up hair.

When we were done–the stylist barely ran a diffuser through my hair and then put a bunch of products in my hair. I was pretty satisfied with the finished product on the first day. I wasn’t allowed to shampoo my hair for 48 hours so per directions I waited two days and then washed my hair. When my hair dried and I put in the products that I bought–it looked like half of the perm washed out (when it’s supposed to last for about 4 months so they say)–so it now just looks like I have really bad misbehaving hair and I actually have to run a curling iron through it (which completely defeats the purpose of the perm–and is definitely counter productive).

A lot of other clients who were just getting hair cuts and colors seem to have been extremely satisfied, so maybe if I went for a cut or color I would be happier with my hair than I am now. But I highly doubt I will be returning there to do my hair.

Verdict: I want my money back and a new hairstyle.

Finished product (Day of).


2 Comments to “Hair Review”

  1. booo sorry you had a bad experience. but it’s not bad, it’s beach schmexy 😉

  2. i’m sure you look great! But i’ll go beat her up for you if you want

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