back to basics.

Exactly a week and one day ago–I wrote a review on the hair service that I received. Since then I’ve been acting out about my hair and have been extremely unhappy and annoyed with it. I had it in a pony tail for two weeks (not bagging on pony tails but I do get bored pretty easily).

So today I finally decided to do something about it and just get it cut short like I always have it (although I did promise myself and a few other people that I would try to let it grow out.) I really don’t think I have the patience to grow my hair out long ever….ever ever. Sorry guys ūüôā

My brother and tried out a new hair salon called Scissor Hands¬†(located in Duluth, GA)¬†instead of going to our usual spot, and all I have to say is that I should have just come straight here. I actually came once with my mom on a weekend and it was packed full of people waiting up to an hour to get their hair done here, and I could see why after my stylist was done. Since we went on a Tuesday afternoon we were immediately seated; the stylist knew exactly what I wanted and knew exactly what to do (the best part…besides my hair of course… is that we were in and out in about 45 minutes). The interior of the salon is one of my favorite parts about this place (besides that stylists). They put a lot of effort into detailing the interior (lots and lots of detail) with a black and red modern/edgy motif which is a lot different from some of the salons that I’m used to (simple and plain). They also have computers available for you to use while you wait. Overall, they put a lot of thought into making your visit a pleasant experience.

So if you’re ever in the Atlanta/Duluth area and are looking for a new hair style–I would definitely¬†recommend¬†trying this place out.

Front/Entrance/Cash Wrap

Waiting Area


***Sorry for the small pictures. It’s all I could find. Photo Credit: Scissor Hand’s Website***

For the hair cut and service I receive, I would have to say that the pricing is excellent and definitely worth the money.
And I’m pretty sure if I’m happy with the cuts, then the other services are probably worth the money too.
My brother and I walked out extremely satisfied and we both now have a new favorite hair salon.

Front View

Right Side

Left Side (Yay for thick and shorter bangs!)

Verdict: Although I will slighly miss my “beach schmexy” hair as clandestine craves called it, if you are anything like me and have become so used to certain things, I say: stick to what you know.
xoxo mg.


One Comment to “back to basics.”

  1. yaaay i like! i thought about trying out that place but i am loyal to my hair capital lol. it’s pretty nicely decorated in there too. holy moly lady you are on a roll! keep it up!! ūüėÄ

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