in three weeks time.

In three weeks time, clandestine craves and I will be Mexico bound with our men-friends ;]
And before I go, I have a few things that I definitely want to have in my suitcase.
As always since I’m on a budget, it has taken me some time to find certain things because I have to know where to look.
But I’ve been lucky to find some of these things–the only down side is I definitely need to cut back on the money spending.

Here’s my list of things I would like to have in three weeks time:1> white blazer–preferably fitted/not too tight not too loose….have been eyeing one from H&M. should take the plunge with my next check.
2> frayed denim vest–loose/non-tuxedo style (haven’t found one I like yet)
3> open back top/any color/any style
4> loose fitting sequin top–found one on but they don’t have my size…..the search continues.
5> lace/crochet shorts—already snagged a pair from in black! they are absolutely perfect.
6> white denim–no need to say anything else.
7> denim button up–found the perfect one at H&M ;] already love adding it to everything I wear (pics to come soon!)
8> lace dress.

three weeks. photos courtesy of

if you know of anywhere I can find these things please do let me know!
see you in Mexico,
xoxo mg.


One Comment to “in three weeks time.”

  1. we totes need to road trip to athens sometime in those 3 weeks. there are some great thrift shops that you would l.o.v.e.

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