Elation: Cozumel Edition

I took my first cruise (ever) this past Thursday with clandestine craves & our manfriends. We embarked (yeah you like that big word) on the Carnival Elation that ported out of Mobile, Al.and it was quite a trip and a much needed overdue vacation with great friends. Just thought I’d share with you all a few of the beautiful things that I saw and the fun things we got to do in a totally different country through just a few (although it will seem like a lot) of the millions of pictures that we took over the duration of our trip.

our cruise ship: the Carnival Elation

group picture after laying out on the first day at sea with the beautiful blue ocean behind us.

dinner on the first night (throwing in a full body outfit picture)

Brain Damage: Peach Schnapps, Bailey's, with Grenadine (the name of the shot says it all)

2nd Night: Captain's Dinner (another full body outfit picture) and yeah my man can dress as well as I can.

Welcome to Cozumel, Mexico!

Pier of Cozumel, Mexico with clandestine craves. beautiful clear blue waters!!

As soon as we got off the ship--just wanted to show off the picture of how tan we are. Three words: so much sun.

Souvenir shop (one of many in Cozumel). We make these hats look darn good.

our manfriends look just as good as we do in some fun Mexican souvenirs!

Of course we have to include the famous Mexican Sombrero--but mine was fun size!

Our off shore excursion in Cozumel was a zip line adventure at Fly High Zip Line: zip-lining across 6 different 33 feet in the air zip lines! SO fun.

photo courtesy of clandestine craves. i gotta say us girls make any outfit look darn good--even zip line gear!

photo courtesy of clandestine craves: deep tissue massage at the outdoor spa on the resort right after our zip line excursion. perfect way middle of the day treat!

beach resort that we snorkeled/swam at after our zip line excursion. look at the water!

snorkeling in the beautiful Gulf of Mexico water. awesome snorkel gear: but so hard to walk in. make sure to look at the blue waters behind me.

one of many things to do on the ship. put-put on the top of the ship on a windy day (another day out on the ocean: on the way back home) but with so much sun and tons of fun. where else can you put-put in a bathing suit?

our awesome dinner group and new friends that made the trip so much more enjoyable!

sunset on the Gulf of Mexico--view from the cabin.

These pictures do not do this trip justice but it’s just a glimpse of what I thought were definitely worth sharing. The trip was well worth the money we spent and it was great spending time just relaxing and worrying about absolutely nothing except for what our next meal was going to be and how long we would sit out under the sun. If you have never been on a cruise I definitely would recommend it. Enjoy!



One Comment to “Elation: Cozumel Edition”

  1. look at this speedy post! proud of ya lady and i had a great time with you and the boys!! can’t wait to go on our next one!!!

    kisses and booty spanks!

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