stacks on deck.

And by stacks I mean stacks of bracelets on my wrist!
(I wish I had stacks of cash on deck, if that’s what you were thinking)
Apparently this is a new trending fad–and I must say that I am priveledged enough to receive one the first products from Clandestine Crave’s hand crafted DIY bracelets.

first batch of glamourous Clandestine Craves hand made bracelets&necklace!

Of course–the green one. She just loves me like that.

my bracelet courtesy of Clandestine Craves!

We both thought it would be weird to just put a picture of the bracelet (although I just did) so here is a full photo from last night ;]

trinkets make awesome gifts!

And finally, here is the stacking to it’s full effect.
I just gathered some bracelets and old trinkets in my jewelry box that haven’t been worn in a while and just piled them all on. It’s a good way to wear some of the pieces of my jewelry that haven’t seen the light of day in years.

my workday stack!

a little flare for my work attire 🙂

Stacked from top to bottom: Target watch/custom made Swarovski bracelet/wrap bracelet (c/o ClandestineCraves)/fab’rik beaded bracelet .

See what you can find in your jewelry box and just pile them all on top of each other to get a fresh and new look from things you probably wouldn’t wear alone! The best part is it doesn’t even matter whether they match or not–the more obscure the better (or so I think).



One Comment to “stacks on deck.”

  1. Love the stacking, lady!! I’ve been wearing stacks to work too! It just jazzes up a plain outfit 🙂

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