let’s play dress up.

So first off I wanted to wish my girlfriend and fellow blogger Clandestine Craves a happy belated birthday!
This post is dedicated to you sweets!

The past two weeks were filled with excitement and dress up opportunities.
It’s very rare, being the age I am, that I get to step outside of my style/and current fashion trends. But once a year, Halloween comes around and I either really get into it or I just sit around and do nothing. This year I got lucky and found the PERFECT costume that definitely defines me and my style. I got to dress up as a green Crayola Crayon (Screamin’ Green)–perfect right?? It was a fun, cheap ($15.00 kids costume + $5.00 Walmart wig), and easy costume that was unique. So I got to dress up and had an eventful Halloween 2011~
Here are a few captured memories from this year:

Screamin’ Green.

 (Screamin’ Green Crayola Crayon $15.00, neon green wig $5.00-Walmart, fishnet stockings- Charlotte Russe, combat boots- Charlotte Russe)

The Girls: Baseball Player, Screamin’ Green, Ballerina

Clandestine Craves + Manfriend!
Clandestine Craves dressed up as Lady Gaga from the Rick Genest music video (view post here!)
And the Manfriend dressed up as Daniel LaRusso from the Karate Kid movies!
These costumes + make up were simply amazing.

Myself and Lady Gaga (Clandestine Craves)!
Myself and Daniel LaRusso!!

The SECOND dress up event was Clandestine Crave’s 90’s Themed Birthday Party!!
I absolutely LOVED this event because it gave me a chance to dress up like Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell. Although I grew up in the 90’s, I was just a 90’s baby, not a 90’s teen. These teenagers from all the 90’s tv shows like Saved By The Bell, Boy Meets World, Full House, and 90210 were always people I wish I could have been at one point in life–in retrospect of course. So when we decided to do a 90’s theme I was STOKED. This I love about 90’s fashion: cropped tops, big hair, loud jewelry, NEON!, high waisted jeans, big belts, plaid, and NEON!!

90’s fashion + 90’s music = pure awesomeness.

My outfit for this party was extremely easy to put together: Black bandeau top ($10.00 Nordstrom) + Thrifted mom jeans ($2.00 Salvation Army) + Thrifted belt ($1.00 Salvation Army)

Kelly Kapowski from Saved By The Bell 🙂
My 90’s remake outfit of Kelly Kapowski!
Kelly Kapowski & Zack Morris!
The Industry Girls: Bringing back the 90’s CROP TOP!
The Whole 90’s GANG. Love it.

Hope you all had a wonderful Halloween and you’ve enjoyed this blast from the past!!



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  1. YESS you updated!! thank you dear for the post! love it and you! xo

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