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December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas Darling.

This year was the second Christmas that my brother and I’ve spent with our parents on the other side of the world. It really makes you think about what makes a holiday a holiday….For me, it’s the familiar traditions that I’ve taken for granted like church, Christmas Eve Waffle House dinners, Christmas day movie outings, but most of all that feeling of comfort knowing that all of your family is in one place for once.

This year Christmas was very different. But I put every effort into making it special in it’s own way….remembering that the people you spend it with, how you spend it, and where you spend it may change from year to year, but the reason we celebrate Christmas is always the same.

So I’ve put together a picture compilation of my 2011 Christmas.

Christmas Outfit.

Christmas Outfit–I saw a lot of red being worn this year as always…so I decided to be me and wear green…the other holiday color of choice. Dress: Twelve by Twelve // Shoes: Christian Louboutin Very Simple Pumps in nude

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December 4, 2011

what’s in my purse.

I’ve always been the girl who has always had to carry a big bag. I don’t know what it is, but it’s definitely become a security thing for me. And occasionally I will get the question: “What all do you carry in that big purse?” So I thought I’d dump everything out and just list the things I carry on my person on the daily. It makes me wonder: do all women carry the same things?? Let me know 🙂

What’s in my purse.

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