what’s in my purse.

I’ve always been the girl who has always had to carry a big bag. I don’t know what it is, but it’s definitely become a security thing for me. And occasionally I will get the question: “What all do you carry in that big purse?” So I thought I’d dump everything out and just list the things I carry on my person on the daily. It makes me wonder: do all women carry the same things?? Let me know 🙂

What’s in my purse.

In my purse, I have another microcosm that exists as a cosmetic bag.
Cosmetic bag: Kate Spade (gift from my line sister)
1. Kleenex Cottonelle moist wipe
2. 4GB Mimobot USB stick
3. mini hairbrush
4. universal accessory- green luck bracelet (from my mommy)
5. Tide-To-Go pen (must have!!!)
6. Peptobismol pills
7. Nivea Chapstick (must have!!!)
8. Refresh eyedrops
9. Juicy Couture perfume (mini bottle)
10. Revlon Color Stay eyeliner (essential must have for me!)
11. Laura Mercier under eye highlighter (useful for touchups after a long day–if you need to touch up your makeup before you go somewhere)
12. hairclips
13. nail clipper
14. tampons
15. L’Occitane Hand Cream (must have!!!)
16. Revlon Color Balm (newest purse essential–lipstick & balm in one. LOVE IT!)
17. Purell Hand Sanitizer (must have!!!)
18. Laura Mercier mascara
19. Migraine medication
20. Dayquil
21. tea (don’t ask but it comes in handy)

Then the things that are actually in my purse along with my cosmetic bag:
1. business card case (never know who you’re going to meet)
2. planner
3. my school and work ID badges
4. wallet- BCBGmaxazria
5. keys
6. iPhone headset

Hope this was a fun and quick post for you!



2 Comments to “what’s in my purse.”

  1. You have inspired me to carry tide to go everywhere I go. I spill everything on my shirt!
    (i love your kade spade bag btw, so cute.)

  2. I totally get it…I mean I carry a measuring tape on me at all times( always comes in handy for my store and when I’m online shopping and want to see the measurements). And of course you always have to have tide to go!

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