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January 12, 2011


Happy Belated New Year–
12 days into the new year and things have been different already. Not only have I finally made the switch over to a new bloghost, but Atlanta has finally gotten some snow–it was pretty to look at at first, but now–I must day being snowed/iced in for three days straight without any human contact has been slightly frustrating. But we should always count our blessings.
Although I usually don’t do new years resolutions, I did have one that I hope to use as guideline to being a grownup.

So in 2011 I will:
1. Spend less money than I did in 2010–(so per paycheck I will: give 10%, save 20% and live on the rest)

Here’s a picture of the snow that I took from my balcony.
Enjoy and Happy New Year ;]

the view from my balcony

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